A Wine Journey

Wine has been produced for thousands of years and my trip to Israel in 2019 took me to a part of the world where archeologists recently discovered a 3,700 year old wine cellar. My wine cellar is nowhere near that old but it does contain history of my own wine tasting experiences.

I will always remember attending the Fall Wine Festival in Palisades, Colorado. My mom and I were enjoying the tastings held by several Colorado based wineries when a gentleman from one of the wineries described his wine as “tasting like velvet”. What!? How can a wine taste like velvet? Mom and I ventured to try it. He poured the wine into our tasting glasses, we swirled, smelled and took a sip then turned to each other as said “It tastes like velvet”. That day truly began my wine adventures. Since then I’ve been open to trying new wines, food and other experiences.

Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com

Wine Diary

November 2021

Time has been slipping away from me during the last half of 2021. We sold our home in Denver and moved to San Antonio, Texas. New wine country to explore and new friends to be made.

I’ve been reading a book called The Wild Vine by Todd Kliman. It’s about a forgotten American grape and the untold story of American wine. Full of interesting history and adventures that early Americans took to establish vineyards that could produce wines comparable to those found in Europe. Can you imagine moving to a new country and carrying grape vines with you in hopes of starting a new wine culture on foreign soil?

Well… my move to Texas didn’t involve bringing grape vines with me but I am looking forward to exploring what it has to offer. Fredericksburg is apparently the wine country in this part of the state and I will be sharing an upcoming adventure with you.

Till then, enjoy the holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

July 2021

What is a myth that you believed about wine?

Confession…I used to think that you could keep red wine forever or at least for a long time and it would just keep improving with age. That didn’t prove to be true when I opened a bottle that was given to me by someone who had stored that wine for several years. It wasn’t an expensive wine but I really thought that when it was opened that it would have aged well. Instead the nose (smell) bowled me over and the taste was flat and bitter. So much for wine aging well.

Why did that happen? Well, not all wines are made to age well. Most wines manufactured today are designed to be opened and consumed shortly after bottling.  What does that mean for that favorite Merlot or Cabernet you’ve been holding on to? It can be safely stored unopened for 3-5 years. To age a bottle of wine longer than 5 years it is best to know what the wine maker had in mind when creating that vintage. You can check their website or send an email. Wine makers love to share knowledge of their wines. They are proud of what they are able to do with the complexity of each harvest.

Enjoy the wine you purchase or receive as gifts. Unless you know the wine was designed to be aged, POP the cork! There is always another wine to explore. CHEERS!

April 2021

Have you ever re-connected with someone after many years being apart? I recently have had that experience and it was such fun reliving memories from the past, laughing about our younger selves and knowing that regardless of how many years may have separated us, there will always be a connection.

Now wine is a little different. You may remember a wonderful wine you had a few years ago, see that same label on the shelf, grab the bottle and head home to experience the memory of the last time you poured a glass from that vineyard. You swirl, sniff and sip only the experience this time is different. Still good, but not what you remember. That’s because, despite a great wine maker, no two years of grapes and how they grow are EVER the same. And that is part of the wine adventure.

Now, my visit with my old friend, who I’ve not seen in thirty years, will obviously not be the same but we will make new memories that will be cherished and who knows… we may find a new wine to enjoy. Cheers!

March 2021

Saint Patrick’s Day brings back fond memories. My father was the drum major for the City of Denver Bagpipe band when I was a teenager so we would participate in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade that wound through downtown Denver. I was a Highland Dancer with the band and have the shin splints to prove it LOL. Regardless of your heritage, the saying is “everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day” and the Irish people I have known have always been welcoming. Are you welcoming? Do you open you heart and mind to new experiences? I’ve learned many things over my lifetime and a few things I know for sure… listen to new ideas, embrace new experiences and cultures, enjoy humanity. And if you’re looking for new ways to celebrate all these diverse holidays we hold dear… contact me. I may have a  few ideas for you.

“May your heart be light and happy,
May your smile be big and wide,
And may your pockets always have
a coin or two inside!”

February 2021

We celebrate so many things during the month of February. Items like Black History Month, Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day to those less known. Have you heard of National Carrot Cake day 2/3?  Be Humble Day 2/22? Tell a Fairy Tale Day 2/26? I like the “Tell a Fairy Tale Day”.

Once upon a time, there was a wine pixie named Cab who wanted to spend time with their other pixie friends but could not because they were isolated on an island. Day after day Cab tried ways to connect with other pixies on other islands so they could share the wonderful wine that was stored in the pixie’s cellar. One day Cab’s fairy godmother appeared and said she could magically send a “sip kit” to the other fairy islands and through the magic of ZOOM, Cab could talk to the other pixie’s and tell them about the wines and how to enjoy them with various pixie food recipes. Cab was overjoyed and on the day of the magic ZOOM, when all the pixies could see each other and share a wine toast, a glorious purple star appeared and sprinkled fairy dust on the wine loving pixies.

Want to spread some wine loving fairy dust? Ask me about “Sip Kits”. CHEERS!

January 2021

2020 was a challenging year as I switched from in-home wine tastings to online events. Thankful for my loyal customers who continued to purchase wine that was shipped directly to their doorsteps, I was able to keep my wine business afloat. We held a few Facebook live video events and successfully used Zoom for a more interactive experience. Although some wines were slightly delayed in production due to the impact of the pandemic, we still managed to win several Wine Medals and our Cucharon (Argentinian Malbec blend) was awarded a double gold. Despite it all, wine is a memory maker. Looking forward to making great memories in 2021.

What People Say About Wine

Anyone who tries to make you believe that he knows all about wines is obviously a fake.

Leon Adams

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.

W.C. Fields

Beer is made by men, wine by God.

Martin Luther

Let’s learn together.

Photo by David on Pexels.com